Important Facts About Dance

Dancing has become an integrated part of our daily lives. Here are some of the reasons why.

  • Dance has been part of human imagination since pre historic times.
  • Dance is an art form in itself and performed by trained dancers is something of beauty and is a spectacle to watch, as elegant as a master class painting or a work of literature.
  • Dance has many forms and portrays human emotions, feelings and is an integral part of the culture of any society. Most festivals, religious ceremonies, cultural occasions are marked by dancing which emphasizes the role of dance and dancers in shaping the culture of any society!

 Dancer or not, you would have noted that dancers across the world do not get the same treatment, respect and monetary benefits as enjoyed by other art form professionals like painters, musicians, singers and writers. Mostly dancers are just taken for granted and never get their deserved share of anything. Many people treat dancers as people who do not have skills and whose job can be compared to waiters and other such professions. This is as wrong as it gets because dancers are trained professionals who have to go through dance education and training to become performing dancers. Their performance requires commitment, dedication and professionalism to turn in day and day out and pleasing audiences with their rhythmic movements and instantaneous response to music.

We all know that dancers are not getting their rightful appreciation and something needs to be done about it. Across the world right movements for women, for labours and gays have ensured that they get their place in the society. Such movements have been successful because of the strength in numbers. If dancers join hands together to speak up about their rights, they can also get their deserved standing and recognition in the society.

About Aspect Records

At Aspect Records, we are a group of dancers who are working to ensure that dancers across the world and especially in UK have their rights chartered and protected. We are fighting for the cause of all dancers and are a non profit organisation. If you are a dancer or not and think that dancers should get better from the society we welcome your SUPPORT to our cause!

The main aim we are looking to achieve is better working conditions for dancers across the world. Dancers are employed in the industry at contracts and these contracts hardly provide them with enough money to take care of themselves and their families! Therefore we are looking to raise the minimum WAGE of dancers. We are also looking to get some minimum medical insurance for dancers who are contracted for a certain amount of time. These are just some of the basic rights we want government to guarantee so that dancers can earn their livelihood with a comfort and peace of mind, not thinking about how to make meet ends!

In order to achieve our aims and purpose, we would need:

  • to make advocacy groups
  • to engage politicians and members of parliament to listen to our demands
  • to bring focus of the media to the plight of dancers

 We all know that there is strength in numbers and the sooner we join our efforts the sooner will we our rightful demands be met. Don’t hesitate and join hands by becoming our member of our organization!

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Happy Clients

Our members know of our efforts to the cause of dancers. Just read their views about our organization!

I am a professional dancer and earned a ridiculous low amount compared to other performing artists. Since, I have joined Aspect Records, they have helped me bargain for better working conditions and salaries.
William C. Mane

Happy Clients

Aspect Record is a dedicated group of dancers who want to ensure better working conditions and social recognition for dancers. They actively organize events and functions to bring media focus and create political will to guarantee basic rights for all dancers!
Freya K. Jones